87% of buyers purchase through the Multiple Listing Service “MLS”.  You no longer have to pay a small fortune to get MLS exposure. For a limited time not only will we list your property on the MLS for up to 6 months for only $69, we will also help keep you legal by providing you with the required disclosure forms and lead addendum.

Other MLS listing companies not only charge you more to list your property on the MLS, they force you to offer 2.7% to agents representing buyers.  We provide sellers the flexibility to decide how much, how little, or if you will offer agents representing buyers a commission if they bring a qualified buyer who purchases your property.  We also provide others services to help you succeed with selling your own property.

List your property on the MLS  using working directly with a local broker. You pay nothing until you are ready to list your property. Contact us with any questions info@twincitieslist.com

 All listings will be performed by a local real estate broker.